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Thread: US Statues Marketplace (Buy & Sell). Please read the rules.

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    Sideshow Star Wars Darth Vader Diplomatic Mission (Sold!)
    Batman Vs Killer Croc statue (2nd edition) (Sold!)
    Superman Vs. Darkseide Classic Statue (Sold!)
    Batman The Dark Knight Rises 1/6 Scale Kotobukiya (Sold!)
    Uncharted Nathan Drake Format pf sideshow yang Exclusive 1/4 (Sold!)
    Sideshow Spiderman Scott J Campbel Comiqquette set of 3 (Spiderman, Gwen Stacy, Mary Jane) (Sold!)
    AMP Suit Maquette Sideshow (AVATAR) (Sold!)
    Sideshow Hulk Maquette avenger (Sold!)
    Tomb Rider Lara Croft Premium Format Sideshow (Sold!)
    1/6 Scale Iron Man II Fine Art Statue Kotabukiya (Sold!)
    Sideshow Captain REX Premium Format Reg. (Sold!)
    Sideshow Commander Cody Premium Format Exclusive (Sold!)
    Sideshow Bobafett Premium Format Exclusive 1/4 (Sold!)
    Sideshow Superman Premium Format 1/4 (Sold!)
    Ironman 1/4 by Iron Studio (Sold!)
    XM Studio Wolverine with Coin (Sold!)
    XM Studio Hawkaye No Coin (Sold!)
    Pacific Rims Gipsy + Pacifc Rims Striker, (Sold!)
    XM Studio Captain America with Coin (Pegang Bendera) (Sold!!)
    Prime 1 Studio Megatron (Sold!)
    Sideshow Premium Format R2D2 and C3PO (Sold!)

    Prime1Studio Optimus Prime Dark of The Moon
    Kondisi : Perfect
    Harga : 27 Juta

    Prime1Studio Bumblebee
    Kondisi : Perfect
    Harga : 20 Juta

    Package Special :
    Prime1Studio Optimus Prime Dark of The Moon + Prime1Studio Bumblebee : 46 Juta

    Prime1 Batman Arkham Night
    Kondisi : Perfect
    Harga : 11 Juta

    Prime1 Arkham Night Exclusive
    Kondisi : Perfect
    Harga : 13 Juta

    Special Package : Prime1 Batman Arkham Night + Prime1 Arkham Night Exclusive : 23 Juta

    XM Studio Thor with Coin
    Kondisi : Perfect
    Harga : 9,5 Juta (Nego Wajar)

    Sideshow Iron Man Mark 42 Maquette
    Kondisi : BIB
    Harga : 5 Juta

    XM Studio Iron Man MK VII
    Kondisi : BIB
    harga : 15 Juta

    Package Special :
    XM Studio Thor with Coin + XM Studio Iron man Mark VII : 24 Juta

    Imaginarium Art Iron Patriot 1/2
    Kondisi : BIB
    Harga : 12 juta

    Total Recall 1:4 Scale Synth - HCG Exclusive Edition
    Kondisi : BIB
    Harga : 2 Juta

    CP : Josh
    Hp : 085382405903 (whatsapp) *semua harga nego wajar

    Thank you!

    PS : Pls check IG "gorillasindonesia" for Diorama
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    WTS Paket 20jt
    XM HX Captain America (MISB)
    XM HX Hulk (MISB)
    XM HX Loki (MISB)
    XM HX Thor (Open Check)
    XM HX Iron Man (BIB)

    Khusus deal hari ini sampai dengan Jumat (tgl 13-17 Feb 2017): 18jt saja.

    Boleh beli ketengan
    PM or WA (0815 84031555) your best offer

    HMO Avengers.jpg
    HMO Avengers1.jpg

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    Jual Paket

    Pop Culture Shock Thundercats Lion O
    Bowen Beast X Men FS
    Marvel Milestones Elektra Statue

    Harga: 8.5 Juta <- Boleh Nego

    SMS/Whatsapp: (0895-0-2662-165)
    (Jika Kurang Jelas, Tanya-Tanya Saja. OK? Click here to enlarge) (Harga Murah lah Bos Click here to enlargeClick here to enlarge)
    COD Only Bos Jakarta Barat (CL, TA); Tempat Lain D Jakarta Boleh, Tapi Nego Waktunya bos Click here to enlarge

    Ok Thanks Neokg Click here to enlargeClick here to enlargeClick here to enlarge

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    Prime 1 Studio Batman Arkham Knight BIB Rp 11.000.000
    prime 1 studio batman arkham knight2.jpg

    Sideshow Optimus Prime Maquette BIB Rp 11.000.000
    sideshow optimus prime2.jpg

    COD Pamulang/Pondok Indah/BSD
    WA 085715045122
    Haykal Enterprises
    One Hobby to Rule Them All

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    - Sideshow sue storm bib 4 jt
    - Sideshow starwars diorama darth vader diplomatic mission bib 5,3 jt
    - Sideshow gimli LOTR bib 6 jt

    Cod denpasar,,wa 082144017040
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    iron man mark7 lsf @ 24 jt
    wolverine lsf @ 21 jt
    iron patriot life size bust @ 9 jt
    nemesis life size bust @ 8 jt
    invicible iron man life size bust @ 6.9 jt
    battle damage iron man mark3 life size bust @ 9 jt
    angel of death life size bust @ 4.8 jt
    HCG bruce lee life size bust @ 4 jt
    HCG batman 1989 cowl @ 5 jt
    ceremonial predator mask @ 2.5 jt
    celtic predator mask @ 2.5 jt
    scar predator mask @ 2.5 jt
    stalker predator mask @ 2.5 jt
    tracker predator mask @ 2.5 jt
    berserker predator mask @ 2.5 jt
    falconer predator mask @ 2.5 jt
    elder predator mask @ 2.5 jt
    bone grill predator mask @ 2.5 jt
    guardian predator mask @ 3.5 jt
    HCG marvel vs capcom dr doom vs akuma @ 6 jt
    halo master chief pf @ 4 jt
    vampirella pf @ 3.5 jt
    red skull pf @ 3.8 jt
    baroness classic version @ 3 jt
    baroness pf @ 3 jt
    storm shadow statue @ 2.4 jt
    snake eyes vs red ninja diorama @ 2.5 jt
    spider-man jsc @ 2.8 jt
    scar predator statue @ 3 jt
    berserker maquette @ 2 jt
    falconer maquette @ 2 jt
    predator statue @ 2.5 jt
    kabuki statue @ 2 jt
    german paratrooper pf @ 2 jt
    commander cody atakus @ 3 jt
    duke nukem statue @ 2 jt
    judge dredd statue @ 3 jt
    HCG expendables barney ross @ 1.2 jt
    darkness pf @ 6.5 jt
    john wayne pf @ 2.8 jt
    t-800 arnold pf @ 2.5 jt
    doc holliday pf @ 3 jt
    apatosaurus statue @ 3 jt
    Marvel ToYZ
    Darmawangsa Square-The City Walk
    First Floor no 52
    Jakarta Selatan
    Phone +62 21 72786920

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    WTS SS Jess Rabbit n Capt Hook exc 15jt. Pcs Reptile, Sub Zero, Scorpion exc 16jt, Hot Wheels Ghostbusters Elite 1,8jt. Ryu Pcs recast 3jt.

    Wtb SS Daredevil, 1/6 Military. EB Michael Jordan 23 White
    Contact 08121013022

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    WTS :
    1. Sideshow Angel Comiquette OFC Never Display - 7500k (negotiable)
    2. (PO Full Pay) XM Captain America Sentinel of Liberty - 13.000k (negotiable)
    3. (Oper PO) Prime 1 Spiderman 2099 - US $800

    WTB :
    All Kind of Toy Story Signature Collection by Thinkway Toys & Disney Toy Story Real Movie Size
    Looking for :
    1. Rex the Roarin Dinosaur
    2. Lots-O
    3. RC Remote Control
    4. Bucket Soldier
    5. Alien
    6. Dolly
    7. Buttercup
    8. Mr Prickle Pants
    9. Bo Peep (Thinkway 1995)
    10. ETC

    PM / 081289889920 - COD Kelapa Gading JAKUT

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    Want to Buy (mau beli) :

    - SS Classic Iron Man Comiquette EXC
    - Magneto Xm
    - SS Stormtrooper Premium Format
    - SS Sandtrooper Premium Format
    - SS She Hulk Premium Format
    - SS THor Life Size Bust
    - SS Wolverine Life size Bust

    Please Pm or WA 087888888128 with reasonable price, thanks

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    WTS :
    Optimus Prime Maquette
    Wolverine Com EX
    Carnage Life Bust
    Modern Venom Life Bust
    Darth Malgus PF EX
    XM Antman ( MISB )
    Dr Doom PF ( MISB )
    Dr Doom LSF ( MISB )

    Lokasi : Surabaya
    Cp : 081 654 34 158

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    Sideshow Venom life size bust 1/1 1st edition
    Sideshow Venom lsb 1/2
    Sideshow Rhino comiquette
    Sideshow dark mordor on hourse pf
    Sideshow lurtz pf
    Sideshow Gimli statue
    Sideshow deadpool pf
    PCS Street fighter :.
    Sagat exclusive
    Balrog usa robe exclusive
    Akuma 1/3 scale

    WA 081380307078

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    For Sell

    Tsume Art Dragon Ball Piccollo Redemption.....6,5 jt
    Open for check
    Lokasi Jakarta

    Bisa via Toped: collection-toys

    CP 08119106574 / 081617000897

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    Default Wts

    Want to Sale:

    Sideshow Red Sonja Premium Format Regular (MISB) 5500


    XM Wolverine no coin (MISB) 12000 SOLD

    XM Mysterio (MISB) 8500

    XM Ms. Marvel (MISB) with coin 8000

    Hard Hero Hulk (BIB) 4000

    PM or WA (081584031555) your best offer

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    Prime1 - Arkham Knight - Batman ( MISB Segel) - 12.5 jt ( or trade with yours XM Batman Beyond )
    XM Studios Dr Strange - 8.4 Jt ( MISB Segel )


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    1. SS T-Rex Tyrant King Statue - 6.75jt
    2. XM Studios Medusa (displayed) - 12.5jt
    3. XM Studios Blackbolt (displayed) - 13.5jt (set sama medusa (24jt)
    4. XM Studios Wolverine with coin (displayed) - 15jt
    5. XM Studios Phoenix with coun (displayed) - Best offer only
    6. XM Studios Ghost Rider (ready stock nomor 200an) - Best offer only
    6. Hot Toys Mark IM Mark III Gunmetal Silly Thing exclusive (engsel seret semua perfect) - 45jt

    1. Prime 1 Optimus Prime yang original version

    PM/SMS ke 085710087188. Lokasi Sunter. Thank you.

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    XM Ms Marvel with coin (MISB) 8000
    XM Wolverine no coin (MISB) SOLD
    XM Mysterio (MISB) 8500
    XM Medusa (MISB) 8000
    XM Sandman (MISB) 8000
    XM Kraven (MISB) 8000
    XM Dr Strange (BIB mulus) 8000

    XM HX Hulk (MISB) 4250
    XM HX Iron Man (BIB mulus) 4250
    XM HX Captain America (MISB) 4250
    XM HX Loki (MISB) 3900
    XM HX Thor (open check) 3900

    SS Superman PF Exc (MISB) SOLD
    SS Batman PF (MISB) SOLD
    SS Punisher PF (BIB) SOLD
    SS Jean Grey PF (MISB) SOLD
    SS Red Sonja (Victorious) PF Regular (MISB) 5500
    SS Spiderman Comiquette J. Scott SOLD
    SS Colossus Bust LSB SOLD

    Hard Hero Hulk (BIB mulus) 4000
    Kotobukiya Juggernaut Danger Room (BIB mulus) 4000
    Kotobukiya Iron Man Mark45 (BIB mulus) 1300

    XM Studios Mysterio (MISB) + XM Studios Kraven (MISB) 16,5jt GRATIS Kotobukiya Iron Man Mark45 (BIB)

    PM or WA (081584031555) your best offer

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    WTS : Zelda - Link Ocarina of time Green tunic (Limited 2500) - 8jt

    Click here to enlarge

    SMS / Whatsapp : 08129756202
    COD daerah jkt barat
    Click here to enlarge

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    bib ga pakai debu, komplit xm hawkeye (murah seperti biasa)
    Click here to enlarge
    misb xm studio ant-man + new replacement head (murah)
    Click here to enlarge
    misb premium format batgirl (rare, tetap murah)
    Click here to enlarge
    misb xm daredevil (murah)
    Click here to enlarge
    misb xm mysterio (murah)
    Click here to enlarge

    berminat? PM. Untuk domisili Jakarta saja. No HP by request (privacy), agar tidak disalahgunakan oleh orang tak bertanggung jawab.

    Semua box lengkap no minus

    Click here to enlarge
    dijual sepaket vision reg + scarlett reg, best offer only, no chit chat, tawarkan penawaran tertinggi via PM

    Click here to enlargeClick here to enlarge
    dijual sepaket CINEMAQUETTE ultimate alien + ultimate predator, best offer only, no chit chat, tawarkan penawaran tertinggi via PM

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    Jual STATUE

    Iron studio

    Iron studio Spider-Man bib mulus 13juta
    Click here to enlarge

    Imaginarium art

    Imaginarium art aqam ex display 15juta
    Click here to enlarge


    Coolprop 1:1 predator 2 bust 17juta
    Click here to enlarge

    Xm studio

    Jual xm studio set 6 harga 50juta

    Xm studio iron man mark 7 misb
    Xm studio sandman misb
    Xm studio kraven misb
    Xm studio mysterio misb
    Xm studio Thor no coin misb
    Xm medusa bib perfect
    Click here to enlarge

    Xm Thor no coin misb 8.500
    Click here to enlarge
    xm studio medusa bib perfect 7000
    Click here to enlarge
    xm studio Kraven MISB 8000
    Click here to enlarge
    Xm studios mysterio misb 8000
    Click here to enlarge
    Xm studio sandman misb 8000

    1/4 custom halimaw juggernaut mixed media 30/30 harga 6juta
    Click here to enlarge
    1/6 milestone marvel dr doom perfect 2500
    Click here to enlarge

    Tsume art

    Tsume art naruto sasuke perfect 12000
    Click here to enlarge
    Tsume xtra saitama misb 1300
    Click here to enlarge

    prime 1 studio

    Prime 1 studio 1/3 batman bust bib 2900
    Click here to enlarge
    Po Prime 1 batman beyond 1050usd dp 4500
    Click here to enlarge
    Po Prime 1 red hood 935usd dp 3500
    Click here to enlarge

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    Lapak Hot toys,Sideshow,One piece dan lain lain CLICK AJA
    sms 082221542221a 082221542221 lokasi jawa tengah

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    halo master2....saya ada bikin group khusus statue di whatsapp..(STATUE COLLECTORS INDONESIA)..jika ada yang mau join boleh pm saya di whatsapp langsung yah..thank you... no wa saya 087816168288 ({})

    boleh juga join ke STATUE COLLECTORS INDONESIA di facebook...thank you so much ...thank you neokg admin

    FOR SALE : HARGA TERMASUK ONGKIR KE SELURUH INDONESIA..jika sudah kenal baik barang sampai baru transfer tidak apa2 ..trims
    whatsapp : 087816168288
    anton dunia sepatu

    -buffy on throne 5
    -sauron pf 12
    -god of war / kratos 4.75
    -optimus prime 12
    -perseus pf ask 2.5
    -punisher com 16
    -avatar/jake sully ASK 4
    -conan fury of beast 8.5
    -green scar vs surfer diorama 4.5

    -thor dark world pf 5
    -thor vs loki dio 5.5

    -jason voorhes pf (1st) 5.5
    -jason voorhes part 3 pf 5.5
    -london after midnight pf 4.5
    -frozen dead pf 4.5
    -nosferatu pf 4.5

    -namor vs iron man reg 7.5
    -iron man mark 42 6
    -iron patriot 6
    -iron patriot life size bust 10

    -superman pf reg 6

    -green lantern pf 4.75 (ring no light)
    -sinestro 5.5

    -spiderman jscott 4
    -mary jane jscott 4
    -spiderman symbiote 9
    -carnage bust 1:1 11
    -black cat exclusive (AH) 4

    -captain america pf og 20
    -captain america charge pf 6
    -red skull bust 1:2 2.25

    -predator maquette v1 42.5
    -berserker life size bust 1:1 10
    -predator 2 lsb 5.5
    -predator classic 3.5

    -queen alien maquette & power loader SET 45
    -alien warrior lsb 1:2 5
    -alien warrior 4
    -dog alien 4
    -alien big chap 4
    -alien resurection 4

    -magneto lsb 1:2 6.5
    -wolverine brown exc 10
    -apocalypse pf 8
    -galactus maquette 12.5

    -teenage mutant ninja turtle COM set of 4 + shredder = 40

    -akuma 1/3 20
    -shin akuma 1/3 MISB 20
    -akuma bust 1:1
    -shin akuma bust 1:1
    -ryu vs sagat 6.5
    -dhalsim reg 5
    -ryu 6
    -gouken 6
    -honda 6
    -balrog 6
    -balrog usa robe 9
    -bison 9
    -red chunli exc 8
    -judge dredd

    -ghost rider 24 BIB / 25 NEW
    -captain america sentinel NEW 13.5
    -iron man mark 7 NEW 18
    -black widow (only have art box) 18
    -misterio NEW 9
    -phoenix with COIN MISB 15
    -darkness NEW 17.5
    -thanos with coin NEW 14.5
    -thanos open for check never display 13.5
    -antman 9.5
    -dr strange NEW 9
    -sandman NEW 9.5
    -thor NEW 9 / NEW+COIN 10
    -miss marvel 8.5
    -shehulk 7.5
    -kraven NEW 9

    (xm po pay deposit only )
    -Po cable
    -po hulkbuster
    -po iron man classic
    -po punisher
    -Po cat woman
    -po mary jane & SPIDERMAN
    -po lizard
    -Po vulture
    -po elektro
    -po quick silver
    -po black panther
    -po elektra
    -po bobba feet
    -Po kingpin
    -Po namor

    -indiana jones BIB 20
    -indiana jones NEW 22.5
    -jack sparrow 25
    -aragorn 27.5
    -iron man 45
    -hulk 50
    -marcus 27.5

    -hulkbuster NEW 25

    -kingkong vs rex 15

    -thor in action 5.5

    -spiderman 14

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