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Thread: US Statues Marketplace (Buy & Sell). Please read the rules.

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    WTS - Want To Sell:
    1. Sideshow Angel Comiquette OFC Never Display - 7000k
    2. (PO Full Pay) XM Captain America Sentinel of Liberty - 12.500k
    3. (Oper PO) Prime 1 Spiderman 2099 - US $800

    WTB - Want To Buy :
    All Kind of Toy Story Signature Collection by Thinkway Toys & Disney Toy Story Real Movie Size
    Looking for :
    1. Rex the Roarin Dinosaur
    2. Lots-O
    3. RC Remote Control
    4. Bucket Soldier
    5. Alien
    6. Dolly
    7. Buttercup
    8. Mr Prickle Pants
    9. Bo Peep (Thinkway 1995)
    10. ETC

    PM / 081289889920 - COD Kelapa Gading JAKUT

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    Want to sell:
    Sideshow Iron Man Mark I Maquette
    Sideshow Hulk Maquette
    Sideshow Poison Ivy PF Exclusive - SOLD!
    Sideshow Catwoman PF - SOLD!
    Sideshow Harley Quinn PF
    Sideshow JSC Spiderman
    Sideshow JSC Gwen Stacy
    Sideshow JSC Mary Jane

    Rare TMNT Exclusives (as set)
    Donatello Comiquette
    Raphael Comiquette
    Michelangelo Comiquette
    Leonardo Comiquette
    Shredder Comiquette
    TWO Mousers

    More info: 081311333885

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    SS red sonja victorios BIB perfect 4500

    HCG joker dark knight life size BIB perfect 6500

    Sms 087799346777

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    Sideshow brown wolverine with murakama sword 11jt

    Sideshow aquaman exclusive 11jt ready

    Xm studios ghostrider misb 23.5jt

    Sideshow batman bvs pf 10.5jt

    Xm thor with coin 11jt misb

    Xm batman samurai 18.5jt barang otw

    Xm cable exclusive 22jt dp 12jt

    Po sideshow green lantern exclusive 10jt dp 4jt

    Po sideshow captain marvel exclusive 10.5 dp 2.5jt

    Po sideshow pf cheetah exclusive 9.4 jt dp 2.5jt

    Po sideshow supergirl pf exclusive 9.5 dp 2.5
    Po sideshow maquette hulk vs wolverine exclusive
    12.75 dp 4.5jt

    Po xm ironman clasiic 15jt dp 5jt

    Po xm captain america 12.8jt fullpayment

    Po xm studio venom 18jt barang sampe jakarta dp 10jt

    Po sideshow pf deadpool exclusive 975 usd dp 2jt

    Po sideshow pf dark phoenix exclusive 10.5 dp 2.5jt

    Po sideshow bane pf exclusive 950 usd dp 2jt

    Po sideshow carnage exclusive 750 usd dp 2jt

    Semua preorder sideshow exclusive by air

    Untuk po2 sideshow exclusive lainnya boleh pm

    BamslinZ Collection - Jakarta | Tokopedia
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    ちび chibi-toysClick here to enlarge
    Click here to enlarge: BAMSLINZ
    Click here to enlarge: 08176786000
    Click here to enlarge: bamslinz /542D4734

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    WTS :

    XM Studio Ghost Rider MISB : Rp 23.000.000
    XM Studio Batman Samurai MISB : 19.000.000
    XM Studio Darkness MISB : 16.000.000
    XM Studio Medusa MISB : 9.000.000
    XM Studio Kraven MISB : 9.000.000
    XM Studio Dr Strange MISB : 9.000.000

    COD only Jakarta Barat
    SMS / WhatsApp :08111718890

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    1. SS T-Rex Tyrant King Statue - 6.5jt
    2. XM Studios Medusa (displayed) - 12jt
    3. XM Studios Blackbolt (displayed) - 12.5jt (set sama medusa (24jt)
    4. XM Studios Wolverine with coin (displayed) - 15jt
    5. XM Studios Phoenix with coun (displayed) - 18jt
    6. XM Studios Ghost Rider (MISB nomor 232) - 23jt
    6. Hot Toys Mark IM Mark III Gunmetal Silly Thing exclusive (engsel seret semua perfect) - 45jt

    1. Prime 1 Optimus Prime yang original version

    Nego and offer PM/SMS ke 085710087188. Lokasi Sunter. Thank you.
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    •Pop Culture Shock Street Fighter- Shin Akuma( First edition)

    •Pop Culture Shock Street Fighter- Evil Ryu (First edition)

    •Pop Culture Shock Street Fighter- Ken exc. edition (First Edition)

    •Sideshow "Sabertooth" Premium format exc.(just the statue) 7jt

    •Sideshow "Cyclops" Premium Format exc.

    •Sideshow "Colossus" Commiquette exc. 8jt

    Sideshow "Red Hulk" commiquette. 7jt

    **I based my prices on the ebay market.
    Anybody interested, email me at or WA me at 0858-1736-3363 thanks.

    •Sideshow "Wolverine Brown costume" with Muramasa blade

    •Sideshow "Thanos & Mistress of death" Diorama exc

    •Sideshow "Venom" Commiquette exc.

    •Sideshow "Carnage" Commiquette exc.

    •Sideshow "Spiderman" Commiquette exc.

    •Pop culture shock "Gouken Pilgrim statue"

    •Pop culture shock "Sagat" exc.

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    WTS :

    XM Hawkeye BIB 8000
    XM Bolt BIB 7500
    XM Antmant BIB (ask) 8000
    XM Dr Strange 8000
    Jual XM Set 30jt
    Prime 1 Arkham MISB 11.500
    SS CP3O & R2D2 Open for check 10.500
    SS Mark 6 Maquette (ask) 14000

    WTB :
    Mark 7 XM
    Iron man classic comiquete Exc

    COD Pluit

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